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Included in the October 2018 issue of MMI:

Cover story

Few Positives Seen in Trump’s $250 Billion Tariffs for EMS Companies

  • The latest round of US tariffs is a 10% levy on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, which is set to rise to 25% by the end of the year. That’s on top of the $50 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese goods that went into effect in August. EMS companies that MMI has interviewed are unanimous in their condemnation of the proposed tariffs, which by all accounts seem likely to achieve little other than to punish US EMS companies, raise prices on electronic assemblies, and threaten layoffs and thereby cause unemployment.


Other articles in MMI

  • Some Quarterly Results
  • Celestica to Acquire Impakt Holdings

  • Apple Buys Part of Dialog’s Business

  • IMI Opens Manufacturing Site in Serbia

  • Compal Mulling Restarting Production in Vietnam

  • Foxconn Extending Smart City Deployment to Wisconsin

  • Dell, Wistron Teaming Up to Extract Gold from E-Waste

  • Taiwan Keen to Accommodate Manufacturers Back from China

  • Syrma Opens Fifth EMS Plant in India

  • TSMC To Be Only Supplier of Apple A13 Chips in 2019

  • Norwegian Geophysical Company Signs Contract with Kitron


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