Welcome to the newsletter for contract manufacturing of electronics and the EMS industry.

This site is dedicated to the number-one trend in electronics assembly — outsourcing. More and more OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are turning their production over to contract manufacturers.

That’s where we come in. Manufacturing Market Insider is the first and only publication dedicated to the world of contract manufacturing, also known as EMS (electronics manufacturing services). Outsourced demand for EMS forms a global industry that accounts for over $425 billion in sales. If you want to know what’s going on in the EMS and ODM industries, this is the one and only place.

MMI is an eight-page newsletter with unique content. As a reader, you’ll gain access to MMI’s reporting, market analysis and trend spotting as well as MMI Top 50 data and other special features. You’ll benefit from NVR’s 30 years experience covering electronics assembly as well as our intimate knowledge of the leading-edge high technology electronics industry.


Preliminary Results for 2018 Show Continued Strong Growth“. 

 Find out more in the January 2019 issue. 

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