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June 2014. The cloud computing industry is disrupting the computer server and storage industry.  EMS providers know this and are placing their bets by investing in manufacturing technologies that give them competitive hardware advantage with OEM suppliers.  EMS suppliers like Flextronics, Foxconn, Jabil, and Sanmina-SCI are targeting OEM leaders like Amazon, Dell, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft and others to capture this market.  Read our thorough coverage of this burgeoning market today and going forward.

May 2014. The world’s 12 largest EMS providers deliver some good news in Q1 as combined sales grew faster than the annual rate projected for the global economy. Q1 data also showed a decent start for the group consisting of the six largest US-traded EMS providers. However, a tepid first half is projected for this group. In the news, an EMS factory is torched in Vietnam. Also, a Canadian provider gains a US presence.

April 2014. MMI presents the top 25 contract manufacturers (EMS providers plus ODMs) for 2013. Combined sales for the group totaled $342 billion, as EMS providers outgrew ODMs. MMI also analyzes market segment data from 40 Top 50 EMS providers, with nontraditional areas claiming the largest market share. Some quarterly results are summarized. IDC presents its latest forecast for the contract manufacturing space.

March 2014. MMI ranks the Top 50 EMS providers worldwide based on 2013 sales. In addition to 2013 revenue and rank, tabulated data also include 2013 growth, 2012 rank, number of people, number of plants, facility square footage, percent space in low-cost regions, number of SMT lines, number of customers and notable customers. MMI Top 50 sales exceeded $250 billion for the first time. To make the 2013 Top 50, an EMS provider needed sales of at least $224 million.

February 2014. MMI presents its annual summary of M&A transactions in the EMS industry. A total of 28 deals are listed for 2013, down 15% from 2012. Transactions are classified and analyzed. This article also lists 12 alliances and equity partnerships. Data in another article show that 2013 sales were flat for the group comprised of the six largest U.S.-traded providers. Q1 estimates for these providers indicate that their combined Q1 sales will drop sequentially but increase year over year.

January 2014. MMI’s annual outlook identifies six EMS industry trends worth watching in 2014. Looking at macro forecasts and new business won in 2013, MMI believes that 2014 will be an improvement over 2013 for the EMS industry. In addition, MMI presents quarterly results for Jabil and Plexus. In the news, Kimball plans to spin off its EMS unit. Also, a Texas-based EMS provider expands its footprint by acquisition, and Xilinx sues Flextronics. The editor’s Last Word column explores the differences between Chinese interns and German apprentices.

December 2013. A major divestiture is in the offing as Jabil has decided to quit the AMS (aftermarket services) market. Also, combined nine-month sales of 20 of the largest contract manufacturers fell from a year earlier. Q3 and nine-month results are tabulated for the 20 CMs. Another article shows mixed Q3 results for a group of eight mid-tier and smaller EMS providers based in North America, although the group’s nine-month sales grew year over year. MMI also found that combined Q3 revenue for six European EMS providers was essentially flat versus a year ago.

November 2013. In the cover story, nine-month revenue fell for the top-11 EMS providers. For the six largest US-traded providers, combined Q3 sales rose on both a sequential and year-over-year basis. MMI estimates that 2013 sales for this US-traded group will decline slightly. In the news, Hon Hai reportedly intends to invest in Pennsylvania. Also, Flextronics is investigating allegations of excessive placement fees charged by recruiters of Nepalese workers in 2012 and improper treatment of Nepalese workers after they lost their jobs at company plant in Malaysia in January 2013.

October 2013. In the page-one article, Foxconn again finds fault inside its internship program. Quarterly results are summarized for four US-traded EMS providers. A new survey by the trade association IPC confirms that companies have continued to locate new operations in North America and are returning some existing operations to the region. In the news, Benchmark buys CTS’s EMS unit; a microelectronics firm purchased EPIC; NBS goes under; and a New York-based OEM intends to acquire its way into the EMS industry. Also, a Texas newspaper reports that Flextronics will build a new desktop computer in Austin, TX. The editor’s column looks at what could hold on-shoring back.

September 2013. First-half results for 20 of the largest contract manufacturers show that while combined revenue declined for EMS providers and ODMs, it actually rose for hybrid providers, which do substantial amounts of both EMS and ODM business. MMI also analyzed first-half results for a group of 11 large and mid-sized providers based in Asia. Another article covers Zollner’s selection of Costa Rica for the German provider’s first Latin American site. In the news, a Jabil factory is accused of labor violations. Other news includes an OEM divestiture, a new alliance, new facilities, and a plant slated for closure.

August 2013. Nine-month estimates show that the six largest US-traded EMS providers will have an uphill battle turning 2013 into a growth year for this EMS group. But there is evidence that their combined sales reached a revenue bottom in Q1. For Q2, this US-traded group beat MMI’s estimates. In an analysis of another part of the EMS industry, total Q2 sales for a North American group of mid-tier and smaller providers improved modestly from Q1. In the news, Jabil is taking over some IBM operations. Flextronics has agreed to acquire a plastics processor.

July 2013. MMI finds first-half M&A down by 33%. This article includes eight different charts of M&A data. Also, quarterly results are briefly summarized for four of the largest US-traded EMS providers. Included in the news: NSN plans to sell factories, says a Finnish newspaper. Jabil completes its Nypro acquisition. Benchmark adds Suntron. Sparton acquires Creonix.

June 2013. High volumes return to the US as three OEMs have decided to build high-volume type products in the US. Q1 results show a group of mid-tier and smaller EMS providers based in North America is starting the year in a small hole. By contrast, a group of European EMS providers is beginning the year with a double-digit drop in Q1 sales from a year earlier. In the Last Word column, the editor explores the question of whether ODMs pose a threat to the EMS industry.

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